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MariaTeresa Giacomello, FNP-C

MariaTeresa Giacomello is a full time, Certified Family Nurse Practitioner at Velda Rose Medical Center.

She graduated with a Masters Degree as a clinical Nurse Specialist in Oncology from Pace University. She completed rotations at Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York City, amongst other New York metropolitan hospitals. MariaTeresa received her degree in 1994.

MariaTeresa went on with a Post Master Degree that awarded her degree in Family Nurse Practitioner.

MariaTeresa sees a variety of multicultural patients of all ages. She believes that illness has no boundaries or ethnic origin. She enjoys the independence that her practice gives her and the challenge of making decisions "on the spot" making the care she delivers as efficient as is possible.

MariaTeresa keeps up with continuing education, research, literature and conferences so that her care is progressive and innovative.